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Hey if you use websites like Myspace, Facebook and Friendster then you need to check this out.

Social Networking on the internet is growing massively, Myspace alone has 200 million + users and is by far the market leader, but there is a new kid on the block with a unique selling point.

At the moment everyone who uses Myspace and Facebook is blissfully happy doing what they do, which in effect is working for the sites and making the site owners millions in advertising revenue. What if there was a site that was virtually the same as Myspace would you use that instead? well ofcourse you wouldnt, but what if that site shared the advertising revenue with its members as a reward for working so hard on the site, would you swap then? Well i have and i believe you should to. Its simple Social Network on Myspace for free of Social Network on this new site and get paid to do it. Its a no brainer for me.

If your interested in finding out more then go to my About ME page and click on the Banner or just message me and i will send you the link.

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