MAMAS AND PAPAS Prams & Pushchairs

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Hello everyone,


As both a parent and sellers point of view I can highly recommend mamas and papas.  They can be very pricey though so please be aware of this, but you can also pick up great second hand bargains either on ebay or local adverts.  To be honest I would probably opt for the later of the two options but you also can drop on some great buys in the mamas and papas stores themselves.  I was over the moon when I dropped on a sale and managed to get the new pliko switch for £175 yet they where still selling on ebay for much more second hand!!


They have so many different options for you to choose from but if buying second hand please look out for various bits that could potentially put your child at risk.  I have seen a few in my time and they are usually cheaply rectified very cheaply.


Pliko p3/pramette:

These can range from the adjuster buttons being missing right through to the cross bar being broken, The adjuster buttons are £2 inc P&P from mamas and papas the cross bar needs to be fixed by mamas and papas and can be a little more pricey.


MPX/Xcel chassis.

These can have worn out wheels simple fix by buying either new from mamas and papas or near new off ebay, they simply click on and off so is a simple job.  The adjuster buttons too can be missing and again are £2 inc P&P direct from mamas and papas.  The one serious thing to look out for is the main cross bar on the xcel chassis this can be cracked or even snapped and thus causing the chassis to be very loose and wobble. This too is a job soley for mamas and papas and can be pricey.


Primo viaggio carseat.

The main areas here are stress signs in the plastic, fully inspect the inner as this can be broken/cracked and thus causing a childs life by put into danger.  Also inspect the life expectancy date on the baby seat as yes they do have a best before date and if this has expired can cause the carseat become weak and unsuitable for a child.


There are many things to look out for on most second hand prams but these are a few things that some people think is expensive and can be very cheap but also some things that can be very dangerous for a child.


If you need any more help or info please email or speak to a reputable dealer.


I hope you find this usefull?


Goodluck with baby and choices!!

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