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  · Dylon Color Fun Fabric Paints can be used with
    wallpaper paste to give a unique marbled effect to


  1. Mix wallpaper paste to the consistency of yoghurt and pour into a
     shallow plastic trough until almost full. Allow to stand for at least 15

  2. Cut cotton fabric into pieces smaller than the plastic trough. Wash,
     dry and iron fabric.

  3. Using an eye dropper or syringe, draw up Color Fun paint from jar and
     apply drops of colour onto the surface of the wallpaper paste. Using
     several colours gives a more interesting result than monotone.

  4. Draw a comb, knitting needle or cocktail stick gently through the surface
     of the paste, swirling into patterns.
  5. Carefully lower a piece of fabric onto the paste surface. Leave for a few
     seconds for the paint to absorb into the fabric and then carefully lift off.
     Place fabric flat on a wad of paper to dry.

  6. When completely dry, place another cotton cloth over the marbled piece
     and iron on a hot setting for 1-2 minutes to fix the colour.

  7. Wash by hand in warm soapy water to remove paste from fabric.

Hints for Fabric Marbling:
  For best results use on light coloured fabrics. Each piece of marbling will
  require another application of paint to the wallpaper paste base. To clean
  the base between applications, use a spatula or piece of cardboard to
  scrape carefully across the surface of the paste to remove any paint still
  lying on the surface of the paste. Every marbled pattern will be unique, with
  greater variations being achieved through the use of differing methods of
  applying the paint (eg. splattering) and of spreading the paint across the
  surface of the paste.


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