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Forged items sold by MEANGHOST

POLICE  REF NO  2175/01/11/07  (DUDLEY - WEST MID)

Hi, I have just read the article about The Beatles forged signatures with interest. I have recently purchased what I now know be a forged signed album from a seller on ebay. The signatures looked ok on the photo but once received I felt uneasy with my purchase. The album belonged to the sellers(MEANGHOST) so called  'dead uncle' who had written the place it was signed on the reverse of the sleeve (this was not shown on the advert), however, on close inspection the hand writing matches the hand writing on the packaging sent by the seller. When contacting the seller requesting a refund he was far from co-operative. What facinates me is how e-bay state they will look into the matter but due to confidentiality will not notify me of any outcome. I believe that very little will be done and have therefore pulled the plug on using e-bay until such a time they show some interest and comittment in dealing with such characters. Unfortunately I paid by cheque and will lose the sum of almost£130, which is a lot of money to me, although I would not like other people to have experienced what I have gone through and thats why I have decided to write this account.  Police have been informed due to a mass of evidence passed on to me from other ebay users that items have been purchased ,signed and resold for profit.

   I have recently readvertised the album and given a true reflection on the albums history. I have had numerous replies stating that the seller MEANGHOST has been selling forged items for a long time. Although he as many positive feedbacks it is evident that he makes a lot of money by selling forged guitars and signed items. I have received information from many people with proof that items are purchased on ebay for  minimal amounts and then are readvertised weeks later with signatures. I have received much evidence from people who are involved with the bolan circuit who have been saving his selling activities and are willing to support any actions taken to stop this characters dealings on ebay.

 I have also received emails from MEANGHOST stating he knows how ebay works and knows that ebay will not do anything. Interesting to note that my e-mails offering ebay evidence to prove that  this character lies, deceives and cheats people out of their hard earned money have been ignored. I have now stopped using ebay until such a time that they show an interest and take firm action against criminals forging signatures on ebay.  The Police have been informed and I am considering my next form of action.  If anyone knows how I can get MEANGHOST removed from ebay or can advise me on any additional support or provide me with further evidence or proof that MEANGHOST has obtained monies through deception I would be happy to hear from you.


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