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Most of my listings offer BEST OFFER, which allows the buyer to put forward what they consider to be their value of the item.

i always try to value the item as fairly as possible compared to other sellers on the global marketplace, i dont always get it right and what i consider to be worth that little bit extra due to its rareity is not always agreed by the buyers.

My BUY IT NOW prices always seem a little high, but i always leave a little room for the negotiation with a buyer , hence the buyer should not always be put off by the BUY IT NOW price. IF YOU DONT OFFER YOU DONT GET.

Personnally  I dont appreciate the nonsense bids like trying to bag a cd for £1.01 , when its worth a bit more, every buyer is out to get the best price for their pocket, i would be the same, but i'm always respectful of what an item is worth.

i dont tend to use auctions much any more, i use them when ebay do their two weekly auction promotion but only for the short duration auctions as buyers usually dont want to wait 10 days to bid.

i always assess offers depending on the item , i'm more likely to accept a lower offfer on items that have been on ebay for awhile compared to items that have just been listed. buyers should pay attention to my shop cateogries REDUCED -EVERYTHING MUST GO CATEGORY for some real bargains.

So never think my prices are TOO EXPENSIVE, if they offer a BEST OFFER try a bid , you never know i might just accept :-)


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