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It would appear that Match Attax collectors are the latest target for the Ebay scammers.

With high value cards such Dunn & Giggs Limited Edition from the 08/09 series of cards commanding upwards of £250 it is no wonder dishonest sellers have sat up and taken notice.

Fortunately the vast majority of ebayers are very honest, I have been buying and selling on Ebay for 8 years and have had very few bad experiences, however I thought I'd share my knowledge on how to buy safely on Ebay. I will certainly still be buying plenty of the 2010 - 2011 cards from ebay.

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1. This is the most important - use your gut feeling, does the listing feel genuine? Your instinct is usually right and if you have a nagging doubt then steer clear.

2. Be wary of listings that have no pictures, most people have access to digital cameras, camera phones or scanners. It's free to add a picture so why would a seller not do so?

3. Be wary of listings that show library photo's for the same reasons as above. Also check that they have not stolen the photo from another listing.

4. A listing is more likely to be genuine if the seller offers collection as a delivery option.

5. Feedback rating is obvious, the higher the better, both in total number and percentage positive. Anyone with a feedback of over 100 and 95% positive is unlikely to be dishonest.

6. Check that feedback has not been manufactured (made up of many small price auctions - 1p info auctions).

7. Using the advance search feature, look at what the seller has sold recently. A seller suddenly selling large amounts of Match Attax or high value cards with a history of selling something completly different may be a scammer using a hijacked account.

8. One day auctions on high value rare cards are very strange. High value items will usually be listed for a large amount of time to attract views. A scammer will look to get their auction completed (and paid for) quickly before Ebay can act to stop them.

9. If you are concerned then contact the seller before bidding, ask if collection or viewing is an option especially if your are looking to spend a lot of money. Scammers will not want to meet you as they obviousley have nothing to give you! You should of course avoid meeting anyone in person who you beleive is a scammer.

10. Look carefully at the listing wording! For example a 'Match Attax Box' may be just that.. the empty box!!

11. If you are unsure post a message on my forum (footballcardsforum - link contained on my 'me' page - click on the 'me' symbol next to my member id on the right of this page) and ask the forum members (over 1,300!) to take a look. You can then get a 'second opinion' on the listing.

12. If the price is too good to be true then it probably isn't true. There are very few sellers on ebay that like to sell their products for a fraction of their worth. Listings that promise a bargain are often in reality quite the opposite.

13. Look for Sellers with a long history of selling Match Attax cards if you want to be sure that the listing is genuine.

14. Hijacked accounts can usually be spotted buy a change in listing style. Compare how older listings (2 months old) compare to current auctions. For example good formatting  & spelling/grammer in older listings suddenly change to poorly spelt or text speak wording in the newer auctions.


Of course some listings may have one or more of the above characteristics and still be genuine. These are really just hints on how to stay safe. Bid safely.....!

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