MC008 SNPD NOTICE: Restricted Account - secretsof

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Its seems ironic that you can sell 500 items with 99.7 % feedback.

Only one bad feedback, which was resolved, the emails, sent to the buyer of the  goods was sent to his trash.

That Ebay has served a MC008 SNPD  on our ebay, with no explaination, despite several phone calls to help to find out why?

Emails that have been sent out from ebay do not explain Anything or even try to.

Tried phoning the help line four times, there is NO HELP !!!!

The same robotic email has been sent out several times, is there any humans out there?

Any  chance of human FEEDBACK EBAY?

Thank you for writing back to us about the restriction of your eBay
account "secretsof". I'm sorry to hear that this matter hasn't been
Before I continue, I agree our replies can sometimes seem a little
automated, but I assure you we read every email we receive and try to
answer your questions as accurately and quickly as possible.
In eBay Customer Support we use a database full of pieces of text which
explain our policies and features on the eBay website. When answering
frequently asked simple questions, we use these pieces of text along
with our own individually written responses so that we can get the
necessary information to our members quickly.
Because these pieces of texts, such as step by step instructions and
policy explanations, are the same for all members our answers can seem
as though they're automatically generated. There are some instances
where we do use automatically generated emails, however, when we use
them we state that the email is automated and there will not be a
Customer Service Representatives name at the end.
Moving on, I've carefully reviewed your details again and I also regret
to confirm that the restriction of your account is correct. We
restricted your account because it breached eBay's Seller
Non-Performance policies by causing an unacceptable level of
dissatisfaction amongst buyers.
Please understand that you won't be able to list on eBay or sell
anything while your account is restricted. However you may continue to
buy items, leave Feedback, access emails in My Messages and do most
other administrative tasks. Our top priority is to ensure that eBay
remains a safe and reputable place to buy and sell.
Lastly, please refer to our previous email on how you can resolve this
I realise that this is not the answer you'd hoped for. I sincerely hope
you have more enjoyable eBay transactions in the future.


Still no proper explanation!!!!

Ebay restricted your account because it breached eBay's Seller
Non-Performance policies by causing an unacceptable level of
dissatisfaction amongst buyers.

How!!!!! Do you come to this conclusion when as you can see 99.7 % and no transactions that will enable me  to resolve this issue.


Thank you for writing again to us about the actions taken on your
account "secretsof" for breaching our Seller Non Performance policy.
It's clear you're unhappy with our decision and we've noted your
We're very sorry to hear about this and can appreciate how stressful
this time has been.
Having checked your account again, we're still sure that we won't change
our decision. We firmly believe that we took the correct action account
in line with our policies.
Please refer to our earlier emails for details of the actions taken on
your account. All these actions are covered in the eBay User Agreement,
which you agreed to when registering your account. You can view the User
Agreement in full here:
If you'd like more information about Seller Non Performance, you'll find
it here:

Again, If you're able to resolve the issue, you can ask the buyer to
change the Feedback rating they left you. This may help you improve
buyer satisfaction with your account. To read more about Feedback
revision, copy this link into a new browser window:
Most problems can be quickly resolved with a friendly conversation. We
recommend you phone the buyer directly or send them an email asking them
to phone you.
While we understand that you may not agree with our actions, please
understand that this decision is final. We appreciate your cooperation
in this matter.

Our Reply
"What we have hear is faliure to communicate with androids"

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