MDA Vario Xda Mini S Simlock Unlocker

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I'm releasing the Wizard Unlocker. It's similar to the imei check (it patches the same bit), however it doesn't cost you £20 per bit

Find on Google a Tool name is:



1 - Unzip to somewhere in your computer

2 - Copy to your Wizard

3 - Execute the in your phone. Wait for it to finish

4 - Guarantee that your phone is connected via ActiveSync with the computer

5 - Execute lokiwiz.bat (on your computer! My inbox is filled with this kind of error) and follow the instructions on your screen...

Works Fine :)


Q - Will it hard-reset my device?

A - No. It will do a soft reset at the end of the process for applying the changes

Q - I locked my device and now it shows only the SIMlock window

A - Get your phone showing the SIMlock window. Connect it via ActiveSync. Use the tool to unlock your phone.

Q - Why does a r2sd backup doesn't mantain the unlocking info?

A - r2sd makes a backup of the rom. The unlocking info is stored in the Disk-on-chip, a different memory space altogether.

Q - How about the CID unlock tool? (for using any type of roms)

A - Integrated on Version 0.2.

Q - I'm having problems with Unlocker not connecting to the phone

A - Disable all kinds of Antivirus, Firewalls and similar applications before running Lokiwiz.

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