MEADE LX200 8 10 12 SCAMS

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Here's a quick guide what to look for in scams. It's fairly easy to detect these frauds and report them to Ebay if you know some simple things to watch out for.1  new ebayer or new business account. User ID kept private. 2. Contact seller by ebay email or other email before bidding or for info ( they do not reply through Ebay system) for a meade LX200 10" that cost over £2998.00 they we sell it to you for £1600.00 if you pay now?they will not do cash on pick up This is pretty much a DEAD give-away it's fraud! 3. Very cheap or free shipping for large heavy items. 4. two or three day" listing only,  . There are lots more fraud warnings but these  should be enough to keep you from bidding on the item.  Also be a good Ebay'er and use the Security Center button on the bottom of the auction page to inform Ebay of the fraud auction.  if it's too good to be true, it probably is!
You could aways ask them to send you a pic of  the telescope with them in it with out there face blacked out a news paper so you have got the date it was taken ?? 
8/5/09  new scam  they will pay with paypal  a colection agent will come and collect it (if  won )   they then tell paypal item not recived so you lose scope and money
this scam has been used on other items as well on ebay
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