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Hello again, welcome to my A to Z games review of over 260 of the best (most popular) Megadrive titles. I will give a brief description of each game and rate it from 1 to 100%, accordingly games will be judged against other consoles from their era. As a bonus I will say if a game is region protected or not (i.e if a game is region protected, it will only play on a machine from the same country, or will need a converter) I will also say if the game is known by another name, or if it is availible for other consoles.

KA.GE.KI. FISTS OF STEEL A.K.A. KA.GE.KI. (2 PLAYERS) 10% (region free)

Oh dear, what a lazy effort this is. Ka.Ge.Ki is a beat 'em up by the numbers. 'TWO' is the number of attack moves at your disposal (both are punch?) 'TWO' the number of items that can be picked up, one is health, the other a boxing glove that does .... nothing. 'TWO' the number of sound tracks (both are annoying) there are only 'TWO' enemy attack patterns to work out. The next number is 'FOUR' and these count for the number of backgrounds, types of enemy sprite, frames of animation per sprite, and the voice samples that loop over and over through out. And the final number is 'TEN' the score I am giving this game, and the amount of time it takes to complete it. There are no redeeming features to this title, even the controls and colision detection is awful, at the end of the game, you are treated to a crappy animation of your character, embarassingly groping a ugly ginger bird as his reward for starring in such a crappy crapfest ... and he deserves it too, the crapmuncher. (only on Megadrive).  


Kawasaki Superbike Challenge took a lot of stick when it came out, but then home consoles were simply not powerful enough to do even simple 3D. Sure there are some things to grumble about, but I was impressed with certain things, like how the programmers managed to keep a good sensation of speed, good bike handling and realistic grip effects when spinning the tyre or racing in the wet. The game isn't actually 3D, but the track, and trackside furniture is. You view the action from the first person, and you can actualy see through the screen, no stipple effect here, hell! even most saturn games use that god awful Sega stipple effect for transparencies and shadows. There is a turbo feature that lowers the polygon count and zooms out a bit, but this didn't seem to make the game run any faster. So technicaly impressive the game is. The races themselves are mostly lonely affairs, and passing other riders (which are sprites) has no bearing on your grid position, so theres none of the 'gotta pass him' attitude. Also touching the rumble strip seriously chops mph off your speed, as does spinning the rear even slightly. You've got to admire the programmers nod toward realism, but not when you just stop dead when hitting a post at 160mph, other than that, you can not crash. The tracks are nothing like their real life counter parts either, I've been to Brands Hatch, and there definately aint no tunnels or mountain sides. This game runs a hell of a lot better than say Hard Drivin' and is infinately more playable, but that game is an abomination on any console or arcade for that matter. There is a SNES version, but it is quite a bit different, it doesn't have the 3D look, runs faster and plays worse. (also on SNES).   


Kid Chameleon is a platformer where your little greaser kid character can power up with different suits with different abilities, for instance, the knight armour will alow you extra stomping power and the ninja outfit will let you use a sword. Man this game feels old, not just the graphics, but the sound and the gameplay controls, there is a little attempt at a Mario type configuration, holding a button to run whilst pessing jump, but it doesn't feel no where near as good, over responsive at times, and sluggish at others. The game feels like an early Amiga effort if you know what I mean. The bare bones of a decent platformer are there, it's just not executed that well. There is a pretty pointless timer that only serves as being annoying, and making you re-start the level if you are stuck, which happens a lot. I know that lots of people love this game, so I have been leinient with the score. I just didn't find it to be any fun at all.

KING OF THE MONSTERS 2 (2 PLAYER) 68% (region free)

King Of The Monsters 2 is a port of a Neo Geo wrestling type game. It's themed on 60's Japaneses b movie monsters. Choose a monster and have at it in various different back drops that create their own advantages and disadvantages. Players can stomp and pick up scenery and objects to use as weapons, as well as being attacked by the air force and fried by power lines. Although far better than the first dreadful game, KOTM 2 on the MD is the weakest port of the lot, if you've played the Neo Geo or even the SNES version you will notice quite big differences everywhere. In comparison the MD version has smaller sprites, less colors, missing animations, clunky controls, rubbish music and barely audible speech samples, plus a higher difficulty level. If you simply must have KOTM 2, and you can't afford a Neo Geo, then go for the SNES version, alternatively it was released on a compilation disc for PS2. (also on Neo Geo, SNES and PS2). 

KING SALMON (2 PLAYERS) 65% (region free)

I suppose you could guess from the title that this is a fishing game. King Salmon allows you to drive your boat around, till you find a decent place to fish, choose your line depth and length, and choose your lure. When you do eventually snag a fish, the game switches to an action screen where you fight with the fish. Your line can break, get snagged, and oddly, the drivers of the other boats are so myopic that they often smash right into you. The grapics are plain and basic, and there is only one tune, and I found this game didn't really suit the joypad that much, and was a little bit boring. If you must play fishing games, try the totally awesome 'Sega Bass' series on Dreamcast, with the rod controller, not the crappy Nintendo Wii version though. (only on Megadrive).

KLAX (2 PLAYERS) 68% (region free)

It's the ninety's and now it's time for Klax! The opening message to this Namco puzzler. You must guide colored tiles into the order that the computer tells you to, this can be diagonal, horizontal or vertical. The difficulty level starts low then gets abruptly hard, there is some nice speech sampling and one or two very basic sound effects but no music at all. The two player mode adds to longevity, but Klax lacks the fun factor of most puzzlers and feels bland. (also on Amstrad, Atari ST, Atari Lynx, NES, Game Gear, Master System and PC Engine).

KRUSTY'S SUPER FUNHOUSE (1 PLAYER) 85% (region free)

Krusty's Super Funhouse, is a very original game, it combines puzzle solving with platform action. The object of the game is to use platforms, tunnels, springs and switches in order to guide hapless mice into Barts mouse crushing machine, you also have to watch out for enemies, that you can throw pies and balls at to despatch. The difficulty setting is just right, easing you in gently, and becoming evermore challenging. There is a handy password system, and the game has great replay value. Available on lots of other consoles, Krusty is one of those games where the graphical differences, although good enough, are unimportant, as the game play is exactly the same no matter what console it is running on (oddly enough the MD has worse speech samples than the Master System version). The best version of all is the SNES, for colours and sound. (also on Game Gear, Master System, Gameboy, NES and SNES).

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