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Let this be a warning to you a prospective buyer. If you ever see any material i.e. books, folders, pamphlets etc and are marked RESTRICTED no matter the date of issue DO NOT PURCHASE.

You will eventually get a visit from the Royal Military Police as i did recently. Certain items should not be in the public domain and should be reported to the authorities. Certain material could be used by the terrorists.

You may have a passion for Military books etc but please do not purchase and if you see a book you MUST ask the seller if it is marked RESTRICTED.

If you are unsure i would phone your local army camp and ask for the nearest Royal Military Police phone number and check with them that you can purchase it.

My enquiry for for someting i sold back in 2006. And i purchased it genuinly at an arms fair from a trader.

I know it sounds extreame but you may get caught up into something you never dreamed could happed to you. Its very real and puts your whole family into turmoil including the kids.

I hope this Guide helped.

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