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Products from China can be great,but there are a few guidelines you must follow first. Mini cams/sport cams can be clones of the real thing and may or may not work correctly and in some cases cost even more than the original,so be careful and research the item first.If you finally buy a cam then it may work but the quality of the video or audio maybe poor,the video seems to miss frames even though you are using a class 10 memory card,the audio may sound fuzzy due to a low sampling rate,or low quality microphone.I have had a few of these type of cams and so called mini spy cams and even though they state High Definition are in fact only 640 times 480 resolution but up scaled and even then are still low definition,nothing like well known camcorders so don't buy them if you are expecting high quality video at a fraction of the price of the well known brands, it is just not possible.If you are an electronics hobbyist you have the opportunity to buy some cheap mini video cams to make something with in a project.Thank you.

mini cams

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