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A brief check on this gasoline direct injection(petrol) engine used in Shogun/pajero, galant, space- star, wagon, runner vehicles

GDI Engines

1) Start the engine; it should start easily and without struggle. Leave the engine running to see if it misfires (coughs and splutters rather than running smoothly). 2) During the test drive, accelerate up to the maximum allowed speed on main roads. As the car accelerates notice whether the car is unresponsive or runs out of energy at any stage. If the car misfires, runs out of energy, or is unresponsive during acceleration, the throttle body has become clogged up. The engine may need replacing or cleaning through 'carbon blasting'. If the engine is less than 6 years old Mitsubishi may replace it; contact a dealer. On older engines you can have them carbon-blasted.

see our manuals listed for comprehensive model data and information.

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