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I found a guide on how to do it online. bought credit, tested it.. and it did not work.

heres the original plan how it works. ill make it short n quick

have 2 mobiles, buy 2 of the same top ups.   example 2 X £10. i used O2.

call the 4444 number... type in the first voucher number in both phones.... and then the guide says. u press 'ok'... thats where ur problem is. there is no ok. once u type the last digit it will auto accept it... so for first voucher it did not work. i tried the next. i pressed the last number on both phoens exactly. but no matter what u do. having 2 phones next to eacthoer and all that. they wont simutanlenous go togetehr and even if they did. the cheat would not work. simply. just like a computer. it will pick one over the over. mobile phyone cmpanies are not stupid. they would of known about this years ago. so why would they risk loosing money, notice the ppl who leave feedback about the item do it before they test it. idiots really.. and u do see some negative and neutral saying it does not work. or dosent work for them.

but truth is dosent work. i just told u the cheat above, if u try it u will see it wont work. no matter how much times. if it worked one wouldnt of told anyone in the first place. they would of started thier own business doing it. maybe its possible that it was phone co
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