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Passed my module 1 motorbike test today on a Sinnis Stealth 125cc.  I only just passed at 49kmph on both the emergency stop and the hazzard avoidance test.
I revved the guts out of the bike and as I was coming out of the bend changed up into third gear.  (if your bike can exceed the requred speed in 2nd I would advise making the engine scream in 2nd gear but the Stealth is a very heavy 125).
Don't even think of looking at the speedo...I just went as fast as I could get the bike to go in the short(ish) distance once the curve of the bend ends.
I actually dropped 3 minor points (on other exercises) but managed the speed requirement on the first pass on both exercises.  Read quite a few different guides on the internet and many people were failing by just being 1 or 2 kph too slow, I concluded that what most riders are doing wrong is watching the speedo and this is what is holding them back.  I did not look at the speedo once just rode bike revved hard and concentrated on passing the speed sensors as fast as bike would carry me and threw the bike into the avoidance part.  Pls note do not attempt to break until the bike is upright and straight as it would be fairly easy to come off.

Another reason many are failing first attempt is having two ideas in your mind at the same time, on the approach to the speed trap you must only be thinking of going fast not entertaining any thought of stopping.  Next you must lean the bike sharply one way and then back the other.  (don't attempt steering around you must go with the bike).  The speed is not super fast but the cones are upon you very quickly.  I would say ride by feeling more than thinking is what worked for me.

Hope this helps, and please ride safely.
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