MOT emissions (fail) now quickly and cheaply cured

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In late April 2003, I bought a red Volvo 440 Xi 1.8 petrol hatchback, registered 1992, Mileage

49440. It had been well looked after and was a nice little runner. The car sailed through the

MoT in December 2003, costing me just the MoT fee and returning satisfactory emissions test

results for a car that had now covered 57,867 miles since new
During the next year I drove 8625 miles. This was 2004, the year I first became aware of

RESTORE Engine Restorer & Lubricant. A couple of months before the MOT I added a small

250ml can of Engine Restorer to the engine oil to protect the engine and as a preventative

against future wear. The car already ran very nicely, so I wasn't surprised that I noticed no great

difference to the performance. In December the car went in for its annual MoT test and I asked

the garage to carry out an engine flush and oil change at the same time, adding a further 250ml

can to the new oil. The Volvo passed the emissions test with ease, returning 0.007% CO and

2ppm HC st Fast Idle and 0.031% CO at Natural Idle, an improvement of 4ppm on Hcs and

down 0.022% on CO Natural Idle. At that time, I didn't bother comparing the MoT results; I was

pleased the car had passed the Mot with ease and it was driving as nicely as ever.
I checked the oil periodically during the year - it stayed at a constant level on the dipstick and I

was surprised that it maintained its original honey colour. The previous year the oil had been a

darkish brown.
December came around again and the car passed the MoT with flying colours again. I had

clocked up another 8770 miles during that year, the car was running beautifully, the oil stayed

clean between changes and I didn't feel the need to add more RESTORE at this time.
In December 2006, I asked the MoT garage to carry out an oil change prior to the MoT again. I

had covered more miles this year, 10811 in all, bringing the odometer reading up to 86,073. In

view of this I thought it was time to treat the old gal to another can of RESTORE. This time I

asked the garage to add a 400ml can to the new oil. The emissions test reading was fantastic,

so much so that the MoT station commented on it. Encouraged by their comments, when I got

home I dug out the previous MoT reports and Exhaust Emissions Test Results to compare

and this is what I found:

Year      Mileage       Fast Idle CO       Fast Idle HC       Fast Idle Lambda        Nat Idle CO
2003      57867             0.009%                 6 ppm                         1.003                 0.039%
2004      66492             0.007%                 2 ppm                         1.018                 0.031%
2005      75262             0.005%                 3 ppm                         1.015                 0.011%
2006      86073             0.003%                 1 ppm                         1.008                 0.006%

That car was the most reliable, most economical and most pleasurable drive of any car I have

ever owned and I am convinced that RESTORE Engine Restorer was responsible for that.

Eventually though, exposed to the elements on the seafront at Felixstowe, it succumbed to

rusting, as many 440's do, of the lower door panels and sills and I sadly had to part with it.

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