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Went into my local tescos and my son spotted a leaflet stand with these phones and more advertised with 10% off.After looking through the products advertised on the leaflet,I decided to check the price on the instore price scanner.The price advertised for a motorola RAZR V3i on special offer was £143.97,the price that came up on the scanner was £159.97.

This basically means that once you have purchase the item (and not before) go to the customer service desk,state the price difference (was meant to be £ charged £159....)and if you look at their policy board it states :

"And if things don't add up ~ In the unlikely event you are charged a higher price than on the shelf or the product we will refund your money and you can keep the product"

So basically I was given a 'full' refund of £159.97 Plus I was allowed to keep the

This rule applies to anything advertised for sale in tescos-so grab yourself some goodies.

I also noticed that the phone sells for well over £200 on ebay,so if I wanted to cash in I could have made some serious money.


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