MP3/MP4 player 'all is not what it seems.....'

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So you want an Ipod? Well, there are those nice little Chinese versions that are a fraction of the price. I even thought of buying a job lot of them myself and selling them on ebay. So I bought one, seemed OK, it all worked, left my positive feedback and then I started to have some difficulties. It stopped playing its own video file format 'AMV' apparently there was a 'format error'. I was not going to let a 7mm-in-depth fake Ipod beat me, so I battled into the small hours to formulate a solution. To my dismay, 2 hours later, I had no solution, it was 1am, work the next day - I went to bed.

Having returned home from work the next day, my mission begun again; I thought that formatting the unit may solve the problem, I had tried a hundred versions of its own utility software, attempted many different variations of original file formats - nothing. But then I cracked it, and in doing so I unveiled the dirty little lie they tell you to convince you it's a good buy! I paid for a 4GB unit, on first view that's just what it was, 4GB, it showed up so on my PC, must be correct? When I attempted to format the unit with its own utility it didn't work - 'Unsupported Disk Type', or 'Not Supporting Disk Type'. Odd, because this was the software they supplied me. Windows wouldn't let me format it either, odd indeed. So I settled for attempting to create an 'Encrypted Disk Partition'. I made a partition of 64MB, it did as I asked, however after that Windows no longer showed me a capacity of anything near 4BG, but something nearer 2GB. Very convenient how its own software couldn't format it, suspicious? Well, I removed the partition, 0MB and guess what, 2GB was the capacity. I formatted via Windows disk tools, 2GB. Of course now all the problems were resolved, AMVs play a dream, the only problem, I bought and paid for a 4GB unit, the capacity had been FALSIFIED, and this FALSIFICATION was causing the errors.  The add  said 4GB and that was a FALSE value.

The sad thing is, many people will never battle as long as I did, and many people may never actually sus out that the capacity value is FALSIFIED. Many, as I nearly did, will accept that the 'AMV' player doesn't work and will just use it as a '4GB' MP3 player. Since your computer even thinks it is 4GB, it's difficult to see the deceit without being very computer savvy. Even their feedback doesn't help as it's mainly good. Who sits into the small hours susing these things out? But if you type in MP3/MP4 player, and 'Format Error' next to it, in google, you will get a barrage of people on forums asking for help with these units.

So I will now enjoy my look-alike Ipod with its 2GB of memory, and I will not trust everything I read in future. Go ahead, buy one, but remember that the capacity is probably false and that may cause other disk issues.

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