MP3 Player (FAKES)

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These players are not what they seem to be... You will be getting considerably less than you have paid for!

Almost none of them will truly be 4GB, and many will not play MP4 files (most play the more obscure Asian AMV and MTV video file formats).

When you hook them up to your PC, they will report to be 4GB, and indeed, you can even transfer this much data to them, at which point the players file system will become corrupted, and the players will become unstable, often crashing or caught in restart loops. This is because the software on the players do not know what to do with the data beyond the players "true" capacity (usually 1GB, or if you're lucky 2GB, or if you're really unlucky as little as 128MB!).

This is referred to as hacked memory, where the players software / hardware has been modified in such a way to report the players capacity falsely, and trick you into believing it is truly a 4GB player.

Many people will not even realise that their newly bought players have these limitations, and will go ahead leaving positive feedback for the sellers (building their reputation as good sellers!), and when they do realise, it may well be too late... When problems occur, it has often gone beyond the time limits for returning the item, or even starting a complaint with eBay / Paypal.

In my research for this site, I read that these media players sell in Asia at around the £8 mark, and are commonly sold as toys!

I myself see this entire scenario as appalling! Thousands upon thousands of people are being ripped off, getting an item that is worth far less than they are paying, and it is all through blatant lies and fraudulent selling...! Ebay too have a lot to answer for, as it is in their own marketplace that this is happening...

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