MP3 players - Creative wins over IPod

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When searching for an MP3 player, forget what you've seen on the television, it's about as useful as a chocolate teapot in all honesty.

The golden rule to keep in mind when deciding on whether to buy a new MP3 player is this:


The world is full of people 'who want a thingie to play their music on'. These people watch a small yet corruptable object called a television, see a funny shape dancing to a hip song. This seems fairly cool (it is, i would love to dance like that), the word 'Ipod' appears on the screen and said person goes 'I want that one'. These people go out, buy said gadget and then wonder why it breaks after only a few months.

Don't be one of these people. Realise that there are other makes around which are better value for money and just as 'cool' as the IPod and think before you buy. This guide aims to show you the benefits of buying a different brand of MP3 player.

I realise that you may be saying, hold up, what do you know? I'll tell you. Apart from spending several months working in a computer shop, selling several different types of players, I also have a great experience of players themselves. My cousin has an IPod, along with many of my friends, and I have seen the plus points and problems that these devices present. I recognise that the IPod is innovative, fun and cool, but I also know that they are not good value for money. Due to this, when buying my own MP3 player, I chose to look at several different brands (including the ipod, I don't HATE the blasted things) and made my final decision to buy after careful consideration.

First off, there are several different brands to look at when considering purchasing such a product, like:
Microsoft, makers of Windows computers;
Apple, makers of the Mac computers;
Creative, a long-standing audio equipment company;
And many other electronic brands such as LG, Toshiba, Aba etc

Secondly, price and size. Most people nowadays need MP3 players that will hold between 1 and 40 GigaBytes (GB), with 40 GB's holding about 40,000 songs.
The general trend seems to be this. A 1GB MP3 player will cost you 2 magic beans. A 4GB MP3 player will cost you 4 magic beans, and a 20GB MP3 player will cost you 6 magic beans. As you can see, the price increase doesn't really rise with the size in GB's. One real-life example is this: When I bought my MP3 player, a 4GB IPod Mini cost 130 pounds, and a 20GB Creative Zen Touch cost 150 pounds. I'm sure I needn't say that I bought the Creative model.
If you are looking for an MP3 player, but you 'only want about 40 tracks on it', think again. Once you have the player, you'll become savvy to putting music on it, and you are bound to want a lot more music on it. Despite the programs (that come with MP3 player to transfer music between your PC and MP3 player, etc) being more efficient than ever, they aren't THAT quick, and you will prefer to have a ton of music on your plyer than to have to keep swopping music around every 5 minutes.

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