MP4 MP3 Multimedia Players !

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I bought one of these when they first came out forabout £100 for a 2gig version, couple of years ago, thought they were awesome then, nowadays these have come down loads in price, and at about £30 - £50 fantastic buy,

I tend to compare them with what else you can buy in the highstreet or online for that price, why pay for the brand, and very limited functionality ? a similar feature branded player from sony would set you back about £100 minimum!


Seems ludicrous paying that amount, when you probably replace every couple of years with the latest model,

Ours doesnt require any software, simply drag and drop files form your pc!!! so easy to use! watch videos, any pictures/photographs, calender settings, and more importantly mp3 music files!

be very careful when you get a cheapo multimedia player on ebay though!! they may state 2 gb capacity or 4gb capacity, however they will be more like 1 gig or 512 mb, with a software 'upgrade' so when you plug it inot the pc, they look like the full capacity, the only way to test them is try to fit the stated/advertised capcity files on them!!!

If they are too cheap, i would say 100% they are fake memory capacity 7 POOR QUALITY headphones AND no MAINS CHARGER !

Tahnks for reading my guide

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