MP4 Player From Hong Kong RIPOFF - How To Check GB Size

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Hopefully you have read my guide before purchasing an MP4 that is shipped from Hong Kong and may be of help if you already have.


Like many other people I bought an MP4 Player that I thought was 4GB but when I tried to add files over 1GB I had a message when played, that displayed 'FILE ERROR' on some files.

After spending many hours trying to resolve I decided to take the back off and see what chip number was on the player.

This is very easy to do by getting a small philips precision screwdriver and removing the 4 screws. Remove the 4GB hologram sticker too. The back will then lift off from the bottom and over the On/Off switch and reveal the circuit board with the chip number. I have circled this in red in the picture below.


And here is a close up of the chip showing the number.



As you can see the chip code on my player was K9L8G08U0M and after checking the Samsung website determined that it was a 1GB chip not 4GB and that the MP4 Player firmware has been hacked to make the player appear as 4GB under MS Windows.


I found many Samsung Nand Flash chip codes and are shown below with sizes.

This is the general Samsung Nand Flash code structure up to 4GB. All Samsung chips start with K9 and are 10 digits long but there may be other characters before and after on your chip.
K9x1Gxxxxx = 1Gb (GigaBit) = 128MB (MegaByte)
K9x2Gxxxxx = 2Gb (GigaBit) = 256MB (MegaByte)
K9x4Gxxxxx = 4Gb (GigaBit) = 512MB (MegaByte)
K9x8Gxxxxx = 8Gb (GigaBit) = 1024MB (MegaByte) or 1GB
K9xAGxxxxx = 16Gb (GigaBit) = 2048 MB (MegaByte) or 2GB
K9xBGxxxxx = 32Gb (GigaBit) = 4096 MB (MegaByte) or 4GB
And here are the Samsung Nand Flash codes.
K9F1G08R0A (1GigaBit) = 128MB
K9F1G08U0A (1GigaBit) = 128MB
K9K2G08R0A (2GigaBit) = 256MB
K9F2G08R0A (2GigaBit) = 256MB
K9F2G08U0A (2GigaBit) = 256MB
K9K2G08U1A (2GigaBit) = 256MB
K9K2G08U0A (2GigaBit) = 256MB
K9F2G08U0M (2GigaBit) = 256MB
K9F4G08U0A (4GigaBit) = 512MB
K9K4G08U1M (4GigaBit) = 512MB
K9K4G08U0M (4GigaBit) = 512MB
K9F4G08U0M (4GigaBit) = 512MB
K9K8G08U1A (8GigaBit) = 1GB
K9K8G08U0A (8GigaBit) = 1GB
K9K8G08U1M (8GigaBit) = 1GB
K9K8G08U0M (8GigaBit) = 1GB
K9W8G08U1M (8GigaBit) = 1GB
K9L8G08U0M (8GigaBit) = 1GB
K9WAG08U1A (16GigaBit) = 2GB
K9WAG08U1M (16GigaBit) = 2GB
K9NBG08U5A (32GigaBit) = 4GB
K9NBG08U5M (32GigaBit) = 4GB

PLEASE NOTE that Gb (GigaBit) and GB (GigaByte) are completely different and there are 8 Bits to a Byte in computer terms.

Some sellers may be advertising these players as 8GB when in fact they are 8Gb, which is only 1GB.

If you have been ripped off contact the seller and try to resolve. If no resolution then raise a dispute with Ebay.

In my case I had £6 returned making the player only cost me £20.Yes, I did get a bargain still but hope the people paying £35 - £50 for these players are receiving the item as described.


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P.s. I have also written a guide on out how to set MP4 Player to the actual size so that the PC shows the correct MB.


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