MSR Whisperlite Internationale

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The MSR Whisperlite is an animal of a stove. Once going, the heat output is incredible. It's ideally suited to boiling water, but I have cooked all manner of meals on it, from frying bacon to heating baked beans to whipping up a bolognaise. First a word of warning (this applies to most MSR multifuel stoves): you should practice lighting it and if you need to cook in your tent porch, light it outside first, then move it in once it is going. The stove is self-priming which means by letting out a little fuel and lighting the fibre glass wick, the stove heats itself up to the point where the outgoing fuel is vaporised. The difficulty is letting out just enough fuel to get the stove hot enough, without letting out so much that you burn your eyebrows off. You must also learn to judge when to reopen the valve once the stove is primed. Once the stove is going and the heat reflectors are in place, you can boil water in no time at all. I've found the sheer power of the stove means it can be used without problems in very high winds and low temperatures (I haven't used mine in really extreme cold though). The stove packs away to almost nothing at all in the neat carry sack, which itself fits inside the MSR pot and pan sets. You obviously need to carry the fuel bottle as well, but this could perhaps be strapped to the outside of your bag. The stove will burn almost any fuel you throw at it. Coleman white gas is best, giving the hotest flame and not dirtying the stove. However, I have happily used very dirty petrol without any problems. For people who enjoying taking things to bits, the whisperlite can be stripped down completely to its component parts. I have found this is extremely useful for field repairs and I am yet to come across a problem with one that can't be temporarily patched up with a bit of ingenuity. The shaker jet and fuel cable cleaner mean blockages are not a problem, even when using dirty fuels. Finally, MSR must be applauded for their excellent customer service. Both times a part has broken on my stove, they have replaced them immediately, sending replacements by registered post. In one instance, this included replacing the pump with the newer version at no cost.

Pros: Burns pretty much anything Astonishing heat Not as loud as some multifuel stoves Can be stripped down completely, excellent for field repairs Customer support/warranty from MSR is unbelievably good Shaker jet and fuel cable cleaner

Cons: Lighting requires much practice Old style valve offers no flame control (newer model is better) Longer to set up than a simple gas stove


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