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Brought mutsy spider before reading reviews and was almost dreading it arriving! Well it arrived i quickly removed from box and bang it was up (im not one for reading instruction unless really stuck) and ready to use. I LOVE IT! yes it is bigger then the zapp but i knew that and it is still smaller then most, it is stll compact, light and much easier to carry then the zapp as it has a handle. It would still fit in any car, so what is the problem? Again yes the wheels are quite wide but nothing major, no wider then the quinny Buzz or phil and teds still fits in all door ways and shop isle`s so again whats the problem?
I wil agree with the raincover remarks, it is quite tight but for a fiver off of ebay you can replace this with a universal one that is perfect, and that the carry bag is an extra, well i have just sold my quinny zapp to keep this and i would like to add i have in 2 years NEVER used the carry bag, please think about how many times you would use it? dont tell me that every time you use your buggy you will put it in and out because it wont happen! that is why we are looking at this buggy in the first place, quick, simple and light weight pushchair.
All I can say is make your own mind up!

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