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I just discovered this wonderful review section of Ebay and have spent a happy half hour reading the pram guides.  As a fellow pramaholic I thought I would share my views.  My habit is not as extreme as some due to my hubby banning me from obtaining a fix from Ebay but anyway.

I have a few gripes about prams.  First I want it to go flat, I hate seeing babies trying to sleep sitting up or not having enough room to stretch.  Second I really want a bumper bar as I think children like to hold it.  It needs to look smart and not shabby after a few weeks - I hate a dirty pram!!  It also needs tall handles as hubby is 6ft5!!  I also like my child to be high off the ground.

My first and also my favourite is the M&P 03 Advance.  This is the original with the fixed wheel in Globetrekker.  It is now 4 years old and I still use it as my main pram.  It fits in the boot of a 106, pushes like a dream, my 4 year old can still fit in it as the seat is so big and roomy, it is admired by all and has adjustible handle height.  The only drawback is the shopping basket is a bit awkward to get at.  In fact the only reason i wanted another pram was that it was no good for going round the shops.  It would be perfect if the seat unit was reversible as I also wanted to be able to see my baby.

Next I had a Combi Dash in a groovy leopard print.  This was a great lightweight and I really liked the handlebar bag.  We christened this the pimp mobile and even thought about getting fluffy dice to hang on it!!  definately eyecatching.  We left this with the childminder who literally walked the wheels off it!

I then bought an Aria as I needed a lightweight for my car.  I really liked this and my son liked the bumper bar but once he reached about 18 months it was really heavy to push and get up and down curbs.  It was also too low for hubby.

I traded this for a Maclaren Techno Classic which pushes easily and goes up and down curbs no probs.  The only drawbacks are the small basket and the fact that you can't access it if the seat is lying down.  Also my son missed his bumper bar.  Once he reached about 3 I found the seat to be too shallow to accomadate him if he was wearing a coat.  But hubby liked the 3 handle heights.

Along came baby 2 who needed new wheels.  So far he has used the 3 wheeler, been to the local point to point and various pony club activites in it and him only 4 months old!!  I then invested via Ebay in a M&P Converse on a Sportline chassis which my mother has claimed as it is like a traditional pram and is lovely and bouncy to push.  i can't think of any drawbacks other that it doesn't all fold down as one unit.

And for myself I got an M&P Ultima on an MPX chassis.  My son is still sleeping in the carrycot and when I go out walking he looks so cosy and comfy in it.  The chassis is great for whizzing round the shops, only problem is I keep catching my finger when I am putting it up. 

I am sure I haven't stopped yet.  I have been eyeing up O-zon's as I will need a new lightweight as my Maclaren will be going to the childminders.  So I am still on the look out for the ultimate pram/buggy.  If anyone finds it let me know!!

Personally I don't think the ultimate pram exists.  They are like handbags, you need one for every outfit, occassion, weather etc etc!!

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