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This is what i normally do to identify scammers, with this you should be ok for quite some time.


  1. First of all i do a Google search with the name of the company/person along with he word scam. Normally there should ne no results with the word scam next to the companies name but if there i just one it could be a scam, no need to have several pages just one is nessasary.

  2. Secondly i go on a good website: www . fraudwathers . org. They have a list of websites and companies found to be a scam.

  3. Thirdly just ask people around on forums.

  4. Fourthly you can verify the address they gave you by and find out whats really on it. Go on the website: www . whitepages . com. Enter the address they gave you and find out if it is really there business address or atleast on of their names.

  5. Fith test is to ask them to phone you. Normally scammers wont do this, but beware; some also try to call you. Please be aware that some scammers use the call redirection which is a call back or they can use fax to email. Using this they get numbers registered in the U.S.A or in Europe and they are really located elsewhere.

  6. Sixth always enquire about the email address. This is the mistake scammers often make. Try to see whether the email address comes from a free server. Suppose you get an email from economicdevelopment @ mail2cameroon . cc. Be sure this is a scam. The mail address truly exists but it is from a free mail server. This is how to catch scammers. 

I personally use the following website to find good suppliers:

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http://reece280.salehoo.hop.clickbank. net/

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