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Having just made my fist Mac purchase after using Windows since 1992 I was a little nervous, I just sold my old Sony VAIO on eBay and and was in the market for a new laptop.

With work we were getting special offers from Apple, Dell and HP and spent hours of time considering the options. I then looked at all of the sites and ventured into the Special Offers on the Apple site and found a MacBook Pro for £1100 (Jan 2007). With an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, and 1GB of RAM and style in a different class I took the plunge. There was one key factor in this decision - Bootcamp. This allows anyone to install a copy of windows onto their Mac, as it turns out very easily.

I was disappointed to start with as the delivery from Apple was well over 2 weeks and for this time was without a laptop. I phoned and chased them up and basically was told that the delivery time was 2 weeks or 14 days! I found a site that was able to provide tracking based on the apple PO number and is well worth using should you take the plunge. Then I received it, packaged beautifully and with elegant simplicity I opened the box and turned it on.

The wait was worth it. I was up and running in only a couple of minutes. There is one thing I did consider, the guys at apple must have allot of time on there hands to thing of all the design features on their products. The magnetic power adapter and the back lit keyboard just to start with! I was astounded by the build quality - no other manufacturer is on a par with the apple - this is absolutely the ace up their sleeve!

I then went to the Apple website, clicked on support and downloaded bootcamp. I was prepared I had purchased an OEM copy of Windows XP Pro and was raring to go. Except their is one little problem, I seem to forget to boot into Windows and have easily settled into Mac! I do like having Windows there as a backup but have little need for it.

I then went a step too far. The thing is I am a bit of Geek. My Girlfriend is not (Yes I have one). She uses a PC to work with and thought that I should convince her to try Apple, so I went out and bought a shiny new 20" IMac thinking that she would like the simplicity and speed of the Mac OS.  Oops! Change is not good as far as most people are concerned. This was a bridge too far, but I had my backup - Bootcamp. Problem solved a Pretty PC and it runs Windows - Fast!

Here are my top tips.

  • Don't try to force Mac on Devout PC users.
  • same Vica-versa (Mac people are fiercely protective of the Mac in general, who can blame them)
  • You can get some good deals from apple or ebay on Mac's so shop around
  • Only once you own a Mac should you venture to a Mac Store - You could end up spending a fortune at top price!
  • If you want more memory buy it with your iMac and buy it else where for your MacBook Pro
    • the iMac fills all of the Memory slots with the minimum memory size (e.g. 2 x 512 for 1GB)
    • the MacBook Pro uses the minimum memory modules possable thus leaving you able to go elsewhere to get a memory upgrade more cheaply and when you feel you need it! (e.g. 1 x 1GB memory)
  • If you intend to run Visita make sure as to not go for the iBook or the lowest spec. iMac as these do not a good enough graphics cards to get all the fancy stuff that vista offers, and you have less actual memory available as the Graphics Card needs to use the system memory itself -
    • e.g. 1GB system memory - 128MB for grapics leaves you 898MB for the system - not so good under Windows XP, let alone Vista
  • Installing Windows Vista WILL try your patience. Be warned!
  • go for Mac if your budget is not an issue, if not the PC is the far better option
Good luck, and Enjoy

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