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An MFI Approved device
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An MFI Approved device

Reliability and Apple's seal of Approval

When buying a charger for your Apple devices, be sure to check that the item you're looking to buy is compatible and has the right voltage . 
When considering the product it is imperative that you are certain that these have been approved by Apple themselves. The easy way to do this is to look for the Made for Apple Logo on any prospective product (picture below) before you click buy. Every manufacturer that sells Apple charging accessories have to pay a subsidy to allow the use of the logo and you know that these are an authorized product that will work well and not damage your Apple device and not cause risk of damage to your home or the people that live with you.

There are several independent sellers that sell items without the MFI logo with products that can have faulty connections and can cause overcharging, they can melt and also explode so it really is imperative for you to check that the items you are buying although maybe slightly more expensive carry the MFI logo.

Also be aware that non genuine plugs can become redundant when a software update is due on your Apple device.

This means you have wasted your hard earned money on a product that works at first but becomes completely useless in the future.

Finally to avoid any risk of malfunction with any charging plug/lead ,always unplug your charger from the mains when not in use and try not to bend or damage the cable or pins on the plug when not in use.

We at Digital Phone Company ltd are proud to only sell MFI approved products and we have two different variants available to you one with a detachable cable and one with a fixed wire.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope it helps you in making your decision on which product you purchase

Ross Brown
Digital Phone Company 
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