Magic the Gathering for beginners

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In 1993 Magic: the Gathering was produced by Wizards of the Coast and it defined an entirely new category of game: the collectible card game. Other CCGs followed including Pokemon YuGiOh and Warcraft CCG. In 1994 it won the Mensa Select Award and is still heralded by players as the best CCG around.

The goal of magic is to win a duel against your opponent using a deck of cards representing spells which can be combined together to form combos - thousands of Magic cards have been published, and literally millions of combinations of possibilites exist for gameplay. Decks are customized by players according to playing style and the challenge is to foil your opponent in a new and exciting way. The rules of magic can often baffle new players and are beyond the scope of this text but one of the key points is that a basic rulebook does exist which is very simple for most people but each card has the potential to overrule these basic laws meaning with every new card can come a new rule!

Sets are divided into 2 types : Core Sets and Expansion Sets. The Core Sets represent the Standard cards and are a good starting point for new players. The current Core set is called M10. Expansions can be more complex using new rules keywords.

I would recommend the following products:

As a starting point: one of the starter sets. Or even better value buy 100 commons and 50 land from our bulk section.

To build a card collection: a booster or tournament pack. Or buy Bulk cards.

For expert players: singles and boosters.

Internet Resources include Podcasts (themagicsock) , The wizards website , Magic online free trial servers and there has been hundreds of books written and articles published.

So why not get more cards now and expand your game ?

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