Magick and Spells -What you should know .

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As a green witch and natural spell caster i find most of my spare time taken up with casting spells and assisting my customers and friends alike -which to be frank i absolutely love ,it's my path of choice and i get nothign but delight in doing so ...However ,

I find customers email me requesting spells to be cast and to be outcomes produced in a matter of hours and when i advise this isn't possibly i get a lot of irate and rude comments and emails back , So i thought i would shed some light on the process's of spell casting and magick .

~Spells ~When casting a spell a trained practicioner will gather items appropriate to the person whom the casting is being cast for as well as taking into account a number of other things such as ,The day,the season,the lunar phase,the god/goddess,the time to name a few believe me to cast a well worthy spell in white magick  consists of alot of preparations and equasions . Someone who is un trained can cast spells but without knowing about the laws of magick and it's uses you are messings with fire and as they say you will get burnt for example ,the 3 days after a new moon when the moon is dark -this is when black magick is cast ,someone unknowingly and untrained in casting and magick casting a simple money spell on these days will indefinately cast a black magick spell that will have repurcusions .

When ready to cast out a spell or weave a custom spell a witch or magician will prepare their alter and open a cirlce ,contacting all corners for pretection and guidance , I personally cast out a psychic reading or contact my guides for spiritual guidence in ensuring the spell has favourable outcomes, I also meditate into my casting state , I go through a ritual (each different for each spell ) and when i feel ready and that karma and the appropriate goddess/god is ready to hear my will i speak my words , Usually once the casting has been successful i recieve a signal such as the candle burning out or crackling or a fragrant opulent smell or simply my guides advising it is done ! .

I then thank the corners for their guidance and re-open the circle ,to which i will then gather my myself and contact my customers ,

Please also note when you recieve the details of your casting (A good witch would always send you the details so you can seek guidance and ensure the spell was good ) If their are spelling mistakes ,then this will actually have no effect on your spell it is simply a typo .

What happens next ~ Once the goddess/God and Karma have noted the spell then the cosmic energies surrounding the castee will start to change ,their is an order to everything and everything has an order to for your casting to take hold and work in karmic bliss small changes will happen such as you suddenly doing something different ,taking a different route home,shopping somewhere unusual etc... these small changes lead the ball to roll in the spell's favour so your outcome can be cast ,

You said two weeks why hasn't this happened ? The answer to this is different and you will notice from my personal listing i always stipulate that each person is different , Dependant on each individual and where you are in that stage in your life when your spell was cast , I.e

A fertility spell -a lady whos bmi is 24 and has no prior fertility issues has a regular partner or at least one she is having regular relations with ,who as a busy worklife and extra stress will most probably fall pregnant quicker as the karmic changes would decrease her stress and bring more happiness into her life ,instead of not having relations due to stress karma would bring then together on the correct date to fall pregnant even if it means having them invited to a party ,a sudden holiday or bringing about happy news so that stress and blockages are taken out of the picture .

however ......

A lady who's bmi is 27 who suffers polycycstic ovaries and depression but who also has a partner and has relations will take much longer than lady A above as karma firstly has to work on the hormonal issues decreasing the fertility level then working on mental health ,couple health and confidence ,then karma would bring about the ideal days to conceive ...... See much larger !


If you find you've had a spell cast and it's not worked within 2,4,6 or even 8 weeks don't depair ,if you have purchased from a trained and experienced witch or practioner then your spell will work but timining it isn't something that can be done ,we are simply messengers for a higher beings .

Look at simple things since your spell has been cast ,,

~Have you had people call that wouldn't usually ,

~Unusual letters in your favour ?

~Did you suddenly do something different ,new hair ,new clothes ,enrol on a course ,call an old friend,take up a hobby etc ...?

If so then your spell IS Working ..patience is the key to getting where you want ,



I hope this helps a little and if you have any further questions please do not think twice about asking .

Love & Light Michelle ~The Real Green Witch x


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