Major PayPal Problem

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Have read a few other comments about this topic but thought it worth adding my experience to the bag. PayPal could not contact me on one occasion when they phoned and they froze my account. I was using my Mum and Dad's address during a move and updated all my information as soon as I moved in. My accounts were verified etc. I tried to phone several times to explain this only to be told that the call centre people do not have any powers to do anything. The people making decisions do not take phone calls apparently. Part of the problem seems to be that I have selected a premier account, although I am not a business, as I thought on occasion taking credit card payments might be useful. This appeared to be allowed to non-business customers, however they requested lots of information regarding my sales that as a casual seller I could not provide. Again they would not discuss this or be flexible despite the fact that I had provided them with everything I could. I have only ever sold £200 of goods through PayPal and they are currently holding this money for 6 months in case buyers come back wanting a refund. I am not sure why they would do this as I have a 100% positive feedback rating. I can only hope my money is available and will be returned at the end of this time. In my opinion it is madness to allow a company that is not a bank hold any of your funds. I now have to use cheques/postal orders as I am no longer allowed to use PayPal, however if you must use PayPal my advice would be to take the money out after every transaction. In this way you are unlikely to be cut off from large sums of, lets face it, your own money. £200 may not seem much to business sellers but to my family's summer holiday it made quite a saddening difference. This guide is based only on my experience and opinions but hopefully it is food for thought. I only wish I'd read some of these guides first.


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