Make Money - What Are the Best Selling Items On eBay?

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If you're new to selling products on ebay, you've entered one of the best ways to make money online by a country mile. It's by no means rocket science. Sell the best selling items and you'll join that group of elite sellers on eBay. I try my hardest to sell popular items. I evaluate, test and evaluate again. If something's not selling well I get rid of it and move on.

What surprises me is the shear amount of people that just don't get this simple concept. If an item hasn't sold within a couple of weeks of listing, you either need to drop the price, change the title, change the description or even both. Also look to see what your competiton is selling a similar item for. This can determine just how successful you are.

With an ever growing crowd of people visiting ebay with wallets and purses at the ready, it's never been a better time to get your business kick-started. You just need to be smart about it. I use various software on the market to determine just how popular items are and the exact search terms people use to find my listing. Knowing this is imperative if you want to list popular items that people will buy!

Of the business sellers out there. Very few actually make any money worth talking about. A good indicator is the amount of times you see their ebay account vanish only to resurface a couple of weeks later. (They failed to keep up with all of the fees)! What makes them different form the successful ebay marketers. Those sellers who do really well do so by listing the top selling items in hot, lucrative niches. If you're not doing this you may as well pack up and go home. Blunt but true!

Selling the most popular items is the only way to go. Need ideas, try checking out ebay pulse. This is a ready made list of popular items and popular niches. Rest assured your competition is keeping a keen eye on this very list!

So what are the top selling items on eBay? These change almost daily since market trends change. At the time of writing the most popular products are gaming systems and videogame accessories. Two of the most popular systems are the Sony Playstation system and the Wii system. You may think these are purchased by youngsters only. Well, with some clever marketing from Nintendo they've targeted a wider audience. You know, the ones that actually control the purse strings. A much better strategy in my opinion. With each console sold they're gonna need accessories that go along with the games, and manufacturers are coming up with more creative accessories all the time. One of the reasons this niche is so popular is that many game enthusiasts purchase every new accessory that becomes available. The chance of repeat purchases is high and the old adage of:

"selling to a previous client is far easier than a new client"

Well, not so much of an old adage, it's a quote I just came up with. I believe it rings true though.

In summary. If you're just starting out or are struggling to get your ebay business kick started. Sorry to state the obvious, but try selling things that are already selling well. With this you'll get repeat business and loyal customers for years.

I personally sell information products. I'm pleasantly surprised at the amount of return custom I get from happy buyers. It's currently running at 7.9% of total purchases. Now whether they're just trying to boost their ebay feedback or genuinely want the products is anyone's guess. Hey who cares. The bottom line is, sell, sell, sell, and more importantly list popular items.

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