Make Your Happy Customers Come Back

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A friend of mine once ordered some items on an internet shop and when he reveived the package and opened it, he started jumping up and down while screaming like a young teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert - We are talking about a grown man.

The reason why he was going crazy was because the shop owner had placed a free gift in the package.
It was not a expensive gift, but it was a positive surprise for my friend, who didn't expect to get something for free.

So my point is, when you sell an item on a auction or in your shop, always do yourself a favour and include a free gift to the shipment.
It can be a bag of wine gums with a sticky note saying, "Thanks for buying :-)"

It will be a positive experience for your buyer and it could lead to more a returning customer :)

So do yourself a favour and some bags of wine gums :)

Thanks for reading! <3
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