Make Your Paypal Secure Here's Some Tips On Security

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Welcome To Our Take On Paypal And Those That Believe That It's Not As Secure As We All Think, We have read lots of guides & complaints regarding buyers reversing the payment once they have received the goods they have won or purchased from eBay sellers

Whilst we agree Paypal are not the best at responding to emails sent to them nor are they the quickest at sorting things out a few simple steps can be taken to avoid any losses due to revers transactions..

As a full time eBay seller we have had a good look in to this issue & our findings are as follows:

  • If you receive any update your pasward or account locked emails from paypal before clicking on any links or panicing about them forward them to spoof @ paypal . com (if you take out the spaces you will get the link however eBay do not allow us to include the link as it is to a page outside of eBay) you will find this is paypals quickest responce to validate the email, if you choose to panic first you will more than likley be giving your information to the wrong people & hence starting the long winding road to your problems.
  • Log in to your paypal account & use the help options to turn on email notifacations from paypal if any buyers do file a reversal you will receive an email from paypal in the same way as eBay regarding a dispute that has been filed, you will then have 14 days to file your side of the dispute along with any emails received to help paypal make the choice of closing the dispute in your favour or your buyers.! They may also request a copy of any proof of postage the genuine sellers will have no problems with this.
  • Make sure the items you are selling are accuratly discribed so your buyer will know what they are buying & have no good reason to file this kind of dispute as some charge backs are simply due to the seller not fulfilling there end of the trade, Remember if you are going to attempt to rip of eBay buyers then you will get your just deserts

Whilst this is one of our shortest guides we hope that we will have restored a little bit of faith in paypal users as we have been using this method of payment for both purchases & sales for well over 3 years now & can confirm that whilst we have received a number of emails from both eBay & Paypal 95% of paypals have been spoofs if you are in any dout about emails from eBay you can report them in the same way but to spoof @ ebay . co . uk (please remove the spaces in the same way)  

Before making the most of this guide please don't forget to click on one of the buttons below to confirm if this was helpfull to you or not & if you have any questions please feel free to contact us as we will be more than happy to help & we wish you all happy bidding with eBay, Why not click on our shop button and see what we have to offer!!!

Kind Regards from us at T.O.D.s-bargins (bargin143)

P.S. Please note none of the items desplayed on the right side belong to us nor do we condone them these are simple cheap listings that if enough people buy the seller will make a few quid.

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