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Here I hope to share with you any items and tips that, through my own experience, I have have found useful and hope they will be of some use to you.

This little tip is quite a simple one but can save lots of frustration. Some times I found, especially when using a large count fabric, that my threads would drag through the material, meaning that eventually the thread would start to snag and knot. This in turn would sometimes turn to my threads breaking. I cannot tell you the amount of times that I've given up on a project because of this problem. I was told by someone and I forget now who, that if you wet the thread slightly it would help. I found the opposite! Even though the threads I use are nearly always colour fast, I found that I started to get what looked like slight bleeding in my fabric and it would get more dirty than normal due to the fabric eventually becoming damp. Then I tried rubbing the threads ever so gently over a plain white candle. Just enough to slightly coat the thread without getting excess wax on it and it worked fine.

Because of the problems I used to have I found that I sheid away from using large count fabrics but now I don't find them half as much daunting.

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