Make up Selling Guide

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I am addicted to make up of any kind shape or form so when recently i moved my spare room around which housed alot of my beauty items i realised i had a whole lot of make up that was either un-open and not used or had bought it twice unknowingly.
I decided since ive bought alot of beauty items from ebay i would try my hand at selling my excess there too.
What ive learned from selling im sharing my top tips now.

Be honest.  Write a carefully detailed description.  I hate clicking into an image i like the look of only for me to then have to guess is it full size?, has it been used? because there is no description at all.  Its not helpful and wont get your item sold.
Take good quality pictures.  I normally picture something 10-15 times before i pick the right image.  Make sure its not blurry, half the image is chopped off, good proper lighting and not hundreds of items in the picture along side ur item.  You want it to stand out.

This helped me sell my goods but beware it gets addictive you will want to sell EVERYTHING.

I am a BzzAgent and have been asked to write a guide to help other ebay users hope you find this useful.

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