Making Card Containers.Tips on building

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When you get your Container Model it will come on a China Clay coated Card, Be careful Don't scratch it.

First Prick holes at the end of each score Line. See Pictures Below. So you don't get confused You can do the Horizontal First, Then The Vertical. When you have done this Turn your Card Over. REMEMBER Clean surface free from Bits. you will see loads of tiny Puncture Holes See Pictures below.The arrows Point to the Puncture Holes. Now the Important part Scoring between the Holes again Picture below shows You  a score mark. I can't stress how important scoring is Makes a difference in the size & Fold & even effects how square your container is. ALL My containers come with score Lines. Practice if not Sure. I score using a craft knife I blunted on Purpose, You can use a dinner knife a Pointed File, Anything that will score but NOT Cut. when you have done this Turn the Model Back over. 

Cutting Next. I use a pair of Hairdressing scissors I did use a scalpel But after chopping off the tip of my Right index finger I don't. Your preference Scissors you have to be very careful, I make that many yet I still scratch the Model. Stick to a really good craft Knife, Using a Metal Rule (plastic easy to cut) cut carefully round all edges. When Finished The first thing i do Is fold down the edges Then Using a Marker Pen or a Pencil I go round all the white edges left from cutting out that 'will show' & colour in.

Now fold the container Don't be too soft with it If you have scored correctly it will bend ! Again Practice & scoring is important. NO white marks will be visible on your container because you scored it correctly & on the correct side.

Gluing Again I have a method But you might do it differently I use a UHU gel this doesn't run so good for even spread & none stranding, If you have scored correctly the ends will offer up correctly (just line up the lifting eyes on most containers). & work round the container I will do a video 1 day. When glued it will look like the picture below NO white Edges in site, Because you scored it it will be Square & correct scale. because you were able to score it. 

Hope this was helpful But Remember Scoring is the Key mail me via ebay if you want further help. I am Proud of my designs & only want you to have a kit you are proud of too.

 Caveat  If a seller sends you one that Has been cut out for you DO NOT use it. Request one that has not been cut out, You will have to either score on the front damaging the Look or attempt to score on the back & I can't stress how important scoring is, I love card models & some sellers just don't care. Yet your buying the model to fool people into thinking they are realistic as Possible. How many containers do you see with white round the edges, or look at mine NOT one will look like that, So why should yours ? Make these people who sell fake or copies give you what you rightfully should have. I take pride in mine. 

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