Making Your Own Wand

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Making Your Own Wand

There are many wonderful wand for sale in shops and ebay. However if you are on a budget or would like something a bit more personal to you and your path you can easily make your own.

Finding Your Wand

Well the first task is to find your wand. Go for a walk anywhere you will find plenty or tree's, either a woodland, park, garden etc. Have in your mind that you are looking for your wand, walk amongst the tree's looking at the ground and see if anything stands out. The piece of branch can be any size, colour or wood, it all depends what you feel drawn to. You may have to go out a couple of time but you WILL find you wand. When you do leave a small offering at the base of the tree, either some water or food for the birds etc. Once when i was at the new forest i was looking for a wand when a large stick fell out of the tree and banged me on the head lol. Needless to say i had found my wand!!

Decorating Your Wand

Now you have a choice, some people like to keep the bark on and other strip it off. This is completely a personal choice so take your time before deciding.

You can decorate your wand using all sorts of materials from ribbon to crystals. If you would like a crystal on the end you can bind it to the end using wool in any colour you like, you can wrap ribbon around it in one or lots of different colours, place small crystal chips going down the wand.

Take some time to think about it before starting and choose the materials you think are best. Alot of making you own wand is personal choice and what feels right. There are no wrong things to do or add. I have one friend who painted symbols on hers!! So be as creative as you want!!

Dedicating Your Wand

Not everyone does this but some people feels it helps them tune their want in with their own personal energy and power. First cleanse the wand by lighting so incense, rose if its a goddess wand or patchouli for the God and deep down cleansing.

Now im not going to give a wand blessing here as its a personal experience but write yourself a small verse. In it you can dedicate the wand to your Goddess or to a specific purpose, maybe its a gift and you would like to dedicate it to another person or just yourself.

Ask for it to be blessed at the end

Keeping Your Wand

If you do not want to keep it on your altar at all times or if it is for a particular purpose or spell kieep your want in either a dark coloured cloth or drawstring bag.

Brightest Blessings and Happy Wand Making!!

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