Making an offer and getting the best possible price

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We've all see the 'make an offer option' with the 'buy it now' option, i have tried this method of buying on ebay a couple of times and find it a lucrative way of getting stuff at a usually much cheaper price. Simply search for the item you wish to buy, then click the 'buy it now' option in prefered buying methods and take a look if any of the items include the 'make an offer' option. Next, click on the item and then 'make an offer', what are you willing to pay for this item? Make an offer for the lowest possible and fair price, dont be tempted to go too low or your offer will be rejected by the seller and bare in mind you only have 2 chances to place your offer, for example: if the item is priced at 4.99 try making an offer of 3.50, if this is rejected by the seller go a little higher, say, 3.99 as this is less than the buy it now price but also a fair offer and you get it for less, of course there is no guarantee any offer will be accept its just a matter of using your common sense and logic. I'd recommend using the make an offer feature and i will be using it again in the future.
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