Making an offer on buy it now items

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If a seller invites offers, it is a good idea to make an offer! It is best to rate your offer on 15 to 10 per cent of the buy it now price though, and do not leave the offer too late, not all sellers are able to access their offer sheets just prior to the auction ending, if the auction ends before the seller has had time to accept or even receive your offer, the seller has no way of contacting you.

Check on the sellers' completed buy it nows which have ended with an offer, this will give you an idea of just how negotiable your seller is likely to be. Sellers are only able to accept or decline your offer. Don't be offended or detered if you have a seller declined offer message, if your budget allows try again with a higher offer.

Speaking from a personal perspective, we always find offers of any price interesting and certainly consider each and everyone seriously. Oh alright then - sometimes we think cheek &  laugh! But we certainly find every offer of interest! Try it next time there is a 'make an offer' invite, everyone loves to haggle!
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