Making loads of money now,has i'm waiting to found a partner

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I'm waiting to found a young woman partner to settle down with and make even more money, with my shop has i'm finding it a little bit hard, doing things with my friends has some don't understand item's and things and yes there are 1000's of buyer's within e-buy whom buy things quick a the right price anyway here is a little photo just to inform you i'm doing very well on e-bay thank you e-bay the ramp team and staff and the buyer's and seller's cheers to Xam's and the New Years ahead the project's i'm into Kenner toys and hasbro are coming along we have form a group of Star Wars buyer's and seller's on Facebook also over 100 mp3 albums and over 50,000 photo's on Twitter,spacecom,sound cloud,,i tunes and Amazon search for the name Robby Royal the selling of 1-bit to real sound electronic music, the sites are packed enjoy and peace to all..P.S. when I can found a young woman I can trust then we are going to sell within this shop but no returns 2015 etc and many,many more years to come.
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