Making the best from your Tassimo machine

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How to use your tassimo

I love my tassimo, but need to remember with pod to put in when. Easy to look at the box, but what happens if you take them all out and put them into a drawer.

Simple rules:
If it's a latte that you are after, the milk always goes in first. When you have done the coffee, remember to stir from the bottom to keep the froth at the top.
If it's a cappuccino, then the coffee goes in first, followed by the milk.
If it's a hot chocolate, then the chocolate pod is first, followed by the milk.
Again, remember to stir from the bottom. 
For all other pods, for example, the teas, you add in your own milk, so you can do this at any time, I like to do mine first, so I can then fill up the cup after the tea pod has been used to make an extra hot cup. 
Always make sure that you clean your machine too. You can run hot water through it, if you are going to make a tea after a coffee, or a hot chocolate, to avoid an over taste of another drink. You can buy a 'hot water' pod, to use your machine as a kettle, this saves so much space in the kitchen, plus you are only heating the amount of water you need for your drink! Think of all the energy you are saving. You can pick up the hot water pods from Tassimo direct, Amazon or even ebay! 
Have fun with your machine. 
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