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Over the years i've found myself constantly updating my relatives phones with new apps and software so they can get the best experience possible when using their iphones. In this guide I will explain the apps and software that I believe can make all the difference and why.

With all the basic functions of your iphone you will now find that there is an alternative app available which can offer a different method of getting the job done. The iphone camera app has a very limited range of filters and effects, although with the new iphone 6 the video functions are now more advanced, and it's good to have a look at the range of photography and photo editing apps that are out there with more, or sometimes less, customisations so you can create stunning shots with the HD camera.

When it comes to calling the range of apps that offer free calls and texts to their own app users an sometimes even other app users is very vast. It's worth checking out some of these apps as they can make the calls through your internet connection instead of through your service provider. This means that if you have enough data, or a well priced internet service with your phone package, that you can make calls to friends all over the world for free. There is also the offer to pay subscription services for some of these apps to gain access to better call quality or features.

I'd like to list some of the apps that i use and could reccomed but i've just opened this account with my partner so i'll be adding a lot more to this guide in due time...

There will also be a guide coming for how to make a coffee table out of an old cable reel! Very exciting stuff

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