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Although (during this time of writing this review) I haven’t been an Ebay Seller/Buyer for long, there is one thing which I did try out – a selling technique that I thought would work out positively...

I wanted to sell two books both as separate items on Ebay that were in both genuinely good quality – to the standard of ‘almost new’. Without thinking about it I began to do searches to see if I could listings of the exact same products, which of course I did and just looked purely at prices. I noticed that that the prices ranged between £0.99 to approximately £5.00. I then thought that maybe it would be a good idea to set the starting price to something exceptionally lower, so I set the starting price for both books at £0.60 with no reserve for one week. I was trying to think about the habits that I use for when searching for a product regardless as to whether or not I’m buying on Ebay, and I suddenly realised that I’m always looking for the cheapest price there is to offer. Now due to the fact that this is an auction site, I thought that maybe if the price of the product was exceptionally low, that this would attract a larger number of buyers rather than only having the one.

My theory proved to be fairly truthful in that I managed to sell each book for approximately £3.00! Not bad eh!
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