Man Hunt Playing guide

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Variation 1: men mad!

What you’ll need:
A pack of man hunt cards – see my ebay listings
A mobile phone with camera for each player
Optional: dare cards - also available from my ebay listings
  1. Get all the girls together and deal out the cards, an equal amount to each player and explain they must get a selfie of themselves and the type of man named on the card
The rules: (feel free to change to suit your party!)
  • You cannot tell the men you are doing this for a game, they must think you genuinely want a picture with them
  • The player MUST be in the photo with them – but you can choose whether they are looking at the camera/posing or not
  • You can choose in advance if you will accept ‘double entries’ i.e. a bearded man with glasses count for two cards if you hold them both?  You may choose to have a bonus prize if you can find the fewest men to meet your cards??
  • You cannot know the man in question
2.  Give the girls a set return time and let them loose!
3.  Once time has elapsed go through the photos and roar with laughter.  Optional: any cards which have not been completed they get a dare card to complete

Variation 2: Hen Men

Just as variation 1 but the Hen must complete all the cards

Variation 3: Facebook men

Just as variation 1 or 2 but the photos have to be uploaded to a social networking site. This is fun for putting together the photos afterwards in some sort of album.

Variation 4: Team Man

As the previous variations but completed in teams, this is quite nice for larger hen parties and works well as part of a larger quest event going over several hours.

This game works really well with some of my other listings, particularly scavenger hunt and also playing one of the variations of the I Have Never Cards, have a look at my guide here.

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