Manifestation Crystals

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Manifestation Crystals

Manifestation Crystals are easily recognised by the
inclusion of a complete crystal or several crystals growing
inside a larger piece.  These crystals are completely
enclosed inside the larger crystal. These are like seeds of
consciousness that have grown inside the 'mother' crystal.
To me these crystals are like our conscious mind with the
subconscious buried within it. When we work on our
subconscious mind profound change can occur in our lives and
these crystals will act as allies in this process hence they
are often recommended for 'inner child' work and working on
clearing our ancestral 'stuff' that has been passed down the
generations.  These crystals will often show up in people's
life when they are ready to make these deep level changes
and will help them to gain clarity and insight into the root
of problems and propel to this deep level change.

As the name suggest they are excellent when used in the
process of Manifestation. This is due to the fact that you
have two or three or more crystals in one all therefore
capable of amplifying our intentions on a much larger scale
than a single point. Single points also tend to switch off
after awhile unless they are activated daily or within a
grid that is programmed to keep them all awake!

Once you have got clear on how and what you want it to help
you manifest, just simple hold the crystal and imagine you
are placing that intention inside it. Be as clear and
specific as you can. You can visualize your desired outcome
flowing into the crystal or if that doesn't work for you
feel what it would be like to have the desired outcome and
imagine that feeling going into the piece.  Be creative use
whatever works for you depending on whether you are
kinaesthetic, visual or auditory.  Some people write their
affirmations and place them underneath the piece and ask the
crystal to amplify and to help them bring those things into
being. Make sure if you always ask for your highest good as
this will ensure that the best possible outcome will occur
and people may inadvertantly be short changing themselves
otherwise. For example you may just want any old car and the
universe may wish to send you a Brand New one, the highest
good will help you to align with the universe's true desire
for you.

If the piece has several manifestations inside it you can
programme each one separately to work on different aspects
of an issue or something you want to heal or manifest.  A
friend who had long term difficulties with her mother wanted
things to improve. Her father had recently died and they
needed to work together to sort out the inheritance,
property and funeral arrangements. We used a piece with four
crystals inside it and programmed the internal crystals
separately but in a complimentary way. One was programmed to
heal the past bad feelings between them that had built up
over the years. One was used to make their present
communication more loving. Both were obviously in shock and
grief so we used the largest internal point to heal the
shock and grief. I was also aware that this pattern had been
in her family for several generations as her mother had been
estranged from the grandmother and the grand mother herself
had been an orphan. So the forth was programmed to heal the
ancestral problem and any unresolved karmic issues. The
whole piece was then programmed to amplify these internal
programmes and to heal the relationship between her and her

These are powerful crystals and are a great addition to any collection.


Ursula Avins, Aphrodite's Rocks 2007.

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