Marc Jacobs Accessory Buying Guide

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Marc Jacob's Accessory Buying Guide

Marc Jacobs' accessories combine elegance with style to create the perfect addition to any clothing choice. Up-to-date choices for those who desire beautiful and practical handbags, jewellery, or purses, Marc Jacobs' designs bring affordable choices to the youth market. Chic, with an up-to-date sophistication, Marc Jacobs' designs are timeless.


Marc Jacobs Handbags

Marc Jacobs handbags feature a New York City feel and names. The 'Big Apple', 'Not So Big Apple', and the 'Big Apple Small Gotham', are just a few of the fun and creative ways the designer tips his hat to the big city. Elegant on the outside and practical inside with zipped pockets, space dividers, and a roomy feel, the bags can hold a variety of items and still be comfortable to carry and easy to organise. Hobo bags, clutches, or the always-popular satchels are beautiful and well crafted. Covering the spectrum from evening bags to messenger style, there is a Marc Jacobs' leather, canvas or quilted bag for every occasion and outfit.


Marc Jacobs Fragrance

Whether your choice is the Daisy line with its Eau de Parfum and body lotion in regular or hot pink, or the Honey line with its hint of summer, honey, and sunshine, Marc Jacobs' fragrances for women are a good addition to your dressing table. The Dot line offered in containers of red with black dots echo back to a mid-century feel with an up-to-date combination of enticing scent in parfum and body lotion. Light and fresh with floral accents Marc Jacobs perfume and body lotions are perfect for the modern woman.


Marc Jacobs Watches

Elegant Marc Jacobs' watches for men and women feature the word 'Marc' covering the 12, 1, 2, and 3 numerals. Crafted of stainless steel bodies with bracelet or leather strap closures, the watches feature several bevel colours for women. For men, mother of pearl bevels, stainless steel bodies, and black or white faces show off the sophistication and style of these accessories. Several designs include stopwatch as well as date and time features, making them practical as well as beautiful.


Marc Jacobs Purses and Wallets

Marc Jacobs' accessories include neat and tidy purses to hold all your necessary cards, identification, cheque book, and cash. Available in a wide variety of colours and fabrics, from leather to quilted fabrics, Marc Jacobs' purses are the perfect accessories for everyday. With a place for everything, you are brilliantly organised and ready to meet whatever challenge comes your way. You will no longer have to dig to find the library card or a photo identification card. No longer will your cheque book find its way into the abyss of a disorganised handbag. Instead, everything is in its place ready for you to reach for it.

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