Mario Party 4 (Gamecube)

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Right this is what i play on now. You can get better games for the gamecube than any other console. You can even play on the old ones with the cartridges.

***Characters to choose from***

You have a selection of 6 players to choose from. They are listed as follows:

MARIO - Mario's always been a all-round good guy. He is pretty good at getting the stars in this game. When he gets a star he really just starts cruising for the other stars. He is also the biggest when you get the super-mega mushroom. He stomps on the other players.

LUIGI - Mario's younger brother is just wild about collecting mushrooms. He has other hidden abilities too like stealing a star agreesively from another player. He will only do this if he has no stars.

PEACH - She seems to be cute and innocent, but Peach is secretly quite mischievous. She enjoys purchasing warp tunnels from shops and then swapping with other players. She is quite a meanie, but thats my observation of her,

YOSHI - Little old Yoshi is probably the best. He doesnt like losing and has a bit of luck with losing, (ie) he always does something silly to make up for the mistake he just made.

DAISY - Unknown to me personally but she is a pretty harsh player. If she has a mega-mushroom and a player is just 2 spaces away, she will use it and steal your coins.

DK (DONKEY KONG) - Donkey Kong is the stongest in the pack. He likes stars as well as the lottery. He is also the biggest. I played with him last night and won 5 stars in a 20 move game. Thats amazing.

WARIO - Wario's a madman with his Mini-Mega Hammer. Be careful in duels too, just because he is a dualling master. Ive never beaten him at a duel. I play but skill and luck but still cant master him.

WALUIGI - Luigi's nemisis, Copys just about everything that Luigi does except he is more devious. He enjoys making spaces carry electricity. They call it the Sparkey Sticker.

***Game Modes***

Party Mode - Upto 4 players can challenge each other in this mode. Compete in a battle royal or in a custom team match.

Story Mode - Triumph on each board map and earn presents from each of the board guides in this single player mode.

Mini Game Mode - Select this mode to play all of the Mini-Games you have unlocked. You can also create a custom list of Mini-Games that you can access later.

Present Room - You can view your players presents when you have successfully completed a party mode. Each level means that you get a present to fill the house up with.

***On The Board Features***

Item Shop - Here you can buy things like Mini-Mushrooms and Super-Mega Mushrooms. You might even be lucky as to find a lamp which will take you to the next star on the game board.

Lottery Shop - This is a scam. Out of 100 tries i have won just 1 mushroom. It costs 5 coins to play and the odds of winning are against you. Dont enter this shop if you plan on winning the board.

BOO House - You can hire BOO's to do your dirty work on other players during the game. If you want a star from a player you have to pay the BOO House 50 coins and for just normal coins you have to pay 5 coins. The outlay is worth it. For paying out 5 coins i got 23 back the other day. Its a win-win situation.

***Items During The Game***

Mini Mushroom - This make you smaller and allows you to pass through pipes. However theres a catch to using this mushroom. You only get to roll a maximum of 5 and a minimum of 1.

Mega Mushroom - This makes you bigger and allows you to hit two dice blocks.You will take 10 coins from any player you pass whilst your this big. However you will bypass all the shops on here as you would be too big to fit in them. Its a shame isnt it.

Super Mini Mushroom - Just like the mini-mushroom but the only difference is that you get two dice.

Super Mega Mushroom - These cost just 15 coins from the shop. They make you the same size as the mega-mushroom the only difference being is that you have 3 dice to roll. This is great if you are losing the star you are after. You steal their coins and therefore they cannot afford the 20 coins for the star.

Mini Mega Hammer - This makes a chosen player randomly bigger or smaller. Unfortunatly you cant use this on yourself as it would be too hard to whack your head with.

Warp Pipes - Whoever uses this item switches with another player at ramdom. The spin of the wheel determines which player gets swapped.

Swap Card - Whoever uses this item exchanges items with another player. Spin the roulette to determine which player has to swap with who.

Sparky Sticker - Place this sticker on a space and the next person to walk on it will lose 10 coins. If you have used a mini or mega mushroom it will also put you back to the normal size.

Gaddlight - This item protects you from the BOO's. Just in case another play calls the boo's on to you. You can use this to get out of danger.

Chomp Call - Use this item to change the location of the stars.

Bowser Suit - Put this suit on to intimidate other players. For every player you pass you will take 30 coins from them.

BOO's Crystal Ball - Use this is to call a boo and steal coins or a star from another player. You must pay 5 coins to steal coins and 50 coins for a star.

Genie Lamp (This is great) - If you are far away from a star just call the duck erm... i mean genie to take you to the star. You can only find this item in a shop or if you are playing tag-team you can steal your partners.

Item Bag - Not very reliable but its filled with bits and bobs. You can only hold three items at a time. You cannot purchase this if you already have 1 item as the bag contains 3 items.


Toads Midway Madness - This is the easiest level of the lot. If you cannot win this dont bother trying any of the rest as they get much more harder. Toad built this board to look like an amusement park. The coffee cups on the board map move you in a different direction whenever you reach them.

This park even has a built in rollercoaster which you can use to cover alot of gound and collect loads of coins.

Goomba's Greedy Gala - Goomba loves the high-rolling lifestyle, so he has design his board to resemble a casino. You'll have plenty of chances to match dice with Goomba, Spin the roulette wheel in the iddle nad pick up loads of wins.

The ball on the roulette wheel can be fiddled as you pay the little Goomba 20 coins. He will then fix it so you are going in the direction of the star. Dont pay and he will send you the opposite way.

Shy Guy's Jungle Jam - Shy Guy's a little too meek to go adventuring, so he designed a board that looks like a wild jungle. Catch a ride on the raft to move to other area's on the board map.

Make a wish at the shy guy statue. He likes horrible wishes. If you make him sad he will send you to a random place other than the place you were hoping to go.

Boo's Haunted Bash - Boo knows a little scare every now and again is good for the heart, so he built a board that looks like a haunted house. Watch out for the Red Boo Bridge - it flickers in and out of existance.

You can even ride a mystery train made out of coffins. Very humourous. Imagine that.

Koopa's Seaside Soiree - Koppa always wanted a tropical resort, and now he's got one... in board form. Ride on Dolphins and slip on banana's as you try to relax in paradise.

***The Mini Games You Can Play***

Unlike every single game where you have different objectives they have loaded this game with loads of cool mini games. I still wonder why they didnt make less games with better graphics and story lines. Maybe they just wanted to release it quickly.

Four Player Mini-Games

Manta Rings
Slime Time
Mario Medlet
Paratropper Plunge
Toad's Quick Draw

1 vs 3 Mini Games

Candlelight Flight
Makin' Waves
Hide and Go Boom
Tree Stomp
Fish N' Drips
Hop or Pop
Money Belts
Blame it on the Crane

2 vs 2 Mini Games

The Great Deflate
Right Oar Left?
Team Treasure Trek
Order Up
Dungeon Duo's
Cheep Cheep Sweep

Battle Mini Games

Trace Race
Chain Chomp Fever
Paths of Peril
Bowser's Bigger Blast
Butterfly Blitz
Rumble Fishing

***My Conclusion***

If you have kids then this game is great for keeping them out of trouble and off your feet. It can keep anyone entertained for hours and can become seriously addictive. The game play is perfect with no crashes and fast loading time.

The only disadvantage with this game is that the loading screen is grey which doesnt match the game concept.

They could of improved on the following things:

Storyline - They could of added a couple of extra items to collect unlike stars. You could've collected Big Coins that are worth 100 times more than a normal coin.

Characters - If you have donkey kong on there why not have sonic and friends. Ok i know they are made by Sega but wouldnt it be cool.

Mini Games - Instead of having alot of mini games they could've made it longer my putting more challenges on it. Technically from my point of view more games is less. Having lesser and longer games would make the game play more interesting.

Anway i hope you like the opinion and hope to see all soon.

Dominic Quick

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