Maryclassic (and who else?) add crimbo software lacing

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In addition to the prior comments on 1 GB hacked to look like 8 GB, as supplied by Maryclassic (which I also discovered to my cost), I have just checked my antivirus logs to discover that the associated software had also been laced with Trojan horses. (Nice one, Mongheung Chan).

The response from Hong Kong? "What do you expect for that price"

I suggest readers bear that in mind when considering the current glut of adverts for "no hacked" devices from the far East, as advertised by Ebay, when one reads the two earlier Maryclassic guides.

Ebay's response at the time? I was given a negative rating for refusing to give Mongheung Chan a positive rating, as a condition for the cash refund, which was eventually forced on Mongheung Chan, via PayPal.
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