Maryclassic sells hacked memory MP4 players

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MARYCLASSIC (PAYPAL ID.: Mongheung Chan) sells Hacked MP4 Players.

As explained by b00kanear in his guide "MP4 Player From Hong Kong RIPOFF - How To Check GB Size" MARYCLASSIC is one of the unscrupulous Chinese sellers flogging hacked players on the net.

I received one such device from MARYCLASSIC (PAYPAL ID.: MONGHEUNG CHAN).

I paid for a 8GB RAM player and received a 1GB hacked device that stopped working shortly after purchase.

I returned the player to the address Maryclassic gave and they have been promissing and delaying my refund so that PAYPAL's 45 day limit for disputes was reached.

I have reported the fact that these items are being fraudulently sold in the UK WITH THEIR CONTINUED SUPPORT to PAYPAL, yet they do not seem too bothered, presumably because MARYCLASSIC is a volume seller.

I have a dispute open with EBAY over this and am also contacting the Office of Fair Trading.

UK consumers have rights. Dont let them conn you..
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